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The IOB Designations


Leading the development of Financial Services Professionals with global relevance


The Professional Body for Financial Services Professionals

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New Designations: Late November 2013, SAQA registered a further 3 designations. Members and new members are invited to apply for a designation which reflects their level of education. For further details and applications forms ,  click here

Exciting Consulting Opportunity for Risk Management.

The Institute has been contacted by a Vienna based organization to to source appropriate consultants or recently retired Executives who have extensive practical experience in Risk Management practice. This is a long term project which has EU funding and the successful application will receive remuneration for work delivered, including travel expenses and they must be prepared to travel. Applications from neighbouring countries are also welcomed

Please see the article below for details. Please send a CV listing your experience to the Institute for Attention  The Chairman. Any applicant who wishes to respond needs to be a current active member of the Institute in order to be considered.


Outline of Planned Project for Southern African Countries


The European Investment Bank (EIB) has put in place a number of credit facilities to cover the financial requirements of micro, small and medium sized enterprises (M/SME’s) via Financial Intermediaries (FI’s). This Project focuses on FI’s and M/SME’s in Botswana, Malawi, Mocambique and Zambia.

The FI’s vary from regulated deposit-taking M/SME orientated institutions to banks which finance these institutions and banks financing M/SME’s directly.

The purposes of this Project are to ensure that the EIB’s credit facilities are fully allocated to credit-worthy M/SME’s and that the FI’s through which these facilities are channelled are sustainable organisations that are capable of diversifying the range of products and services they offer the M/SME market segment and that they are capable of presenting bankable projects to banks which finance the M/SME-orientated FI’s.

The project will entail the following:

1.       Targeted training programmes for FI’s in respect of Credit Risk Management and Banking Administrative Risk Management together with appropriate mentoring for the 3 years duration of the project.

2.       Provide targeted capacity building services to each FI.

3.       Enhance the level of financial literacy, entrepreneurial skills and managerial capacity of the M/SME’s.

4.       Draw up training curricula and launch training programmes for FI’s and M/SME’s.

The provisional commencement date for starting the project is November 2014 with a duration of 36 months.

Experienced people with skills in the above-mentioned fields are being sought by Human Dynamics which is a Vienna-based organisation that does a great deal of work for the European Union and its affiliated bodies.

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