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6 Tips To Help You Master Your Next Job Negotiation

6 Tips To Help You Master Your Next Job Negotiation
Indeed and Harvard Business School Online recently conducted a webinar on how to negotiate successfully, discuss monetary and non-monetary remuneration with recruiters, and evaluate whether your request is non-negotiable.

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It can be stressful to evaluate employment offers and negotiate reasonable salary. However, if you come at the negotiation table prepared, you may attend your next interview with confidence.

1. Do your research : Preparation is essential in any negotiation, but more than data is required to succeed.

2. Come ready with questions  : Job interviews are two-way affairs. The purpose of the company is to determine whether you are the suitable applicant. However, it is also up to you to determine whether the organization’s views, objectives, and goals coincide with yours.

3. Be prepared for tough questions : The recruiting manager will undoubtedly ask you probing questions. You can only get ahead of them by preparing replies ahead of time.

4. Don’t shy away from negotiating compensation : Another difficult question will be concerning compensation. In the mirror, practise your reaction both visually and audibly. When expressing your salary terms, make sure your tone is solid that you’re composed and attentive. Continue to practise to become more confident in arguing for yourself and your needs.

5. Don’t forget about non-monetary compensation : Your salary is only the beginning. Other negotiation points include remote or hybrid work alternatives, volunteer activities, paid time off, employee wellness programmes, the company’s bonus system, and educational reimbursement.

6. Remember that everything is negotiable : If you’re contemplating a job offer, it’s evident that the employer wants to hire you, placing you in a strong negotiating position. At this point, don’t be scared to ask for what you want. If a corporation wants to hire you, it will find the perfect incentives.

“Take a deep breath, be bold, and assume it’s all negotiable.” 

Jenn McNorton, Indeed

To read the full article, visit: “6 Tips To Help You Master Your Next Job Negotiation.

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