Bank Zero is Exploring Crypto-Currency Transactions

Bank Zero exploring Crypto-currency transactions.

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Michael Jordaan says crypto-currencies and blockchain will open up many opportunities for new business models.

“The way I operate my start-ups, is to make them completely independent. For start-ups to succeed, they need focus – and it’s taken an incredible amount of focus at Bank Zero, just to get things right. Will there, in time, be opportunities with crypto or blockchain? I definitely think there will be participation in it. And it will most likely have something to do with payments abroad and back. You only have to make one Bitcoin payment once, to see how easy it is, and to understand the power of crypto-currencies as something that doesn’t recognise international borders,”

Michael Jordaan

To read the full article, visit ITWeb, ‘Crypto-currency on Bank Zero’s radar, says Michael Jordaan‘.

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