Bank Zero Progress ‘Slow but Solid’

App-Only Bank Zero sees slow but solid growth as it bides its time before initiating more aggressive marketing.

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Banking veteran Michael Jordaan says Bank Zero, which he co-founded is progressing slowly but solidly as the bank fine-tunes it’s offerings.

“We listen to our customers as they give us feedback,”. What’s encouraging us is that we are getting very active customers, they stay with us, the average balance is higher than we thought, the average transaction size is also much higher.

Michael Jordaan

Jordaan was speaking to BusinessTech’s Michael Avery and said the bank would market more aggressively once it had optimised its product line according to customer feedback.

The bank launched in August of 2021 as an app-only bank.

To find out more about Bank Zero’s growth read: “Bank Zero co-founder Michael Jordaan points to slow, but solid progress”.

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