Be Mobile Africa Introduced Crypto-Currency Payments Gateway

Digital-only bank introduces new crypto currency payment gateway.

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Digital-Only Bank Be Mobile Africa recently launched its new crypto-currency payments gateway, allowing South African and African businesses and merchants to accept and make payments using cryptocurrencies.

“International payments have always been a pain point for African SMEs. Sending or receiving money from customers outside of one’s country is expensive and often takes days,”

“We are seeing an increase in the number of African SMEs transacting with clients outside of their own domestic market, including other African countries. This new payment gateway is a game-changer,”

Be Mobile Africa CEO Dr Cédric Jeannot.

The SARB’s Prudential Authority has asked local big banks, who remain hesitant, to work with crypto players as the later continue to expand their reach.

To read the full article, click here, “Neo bank Be Mobile Africa taps crypto payments in SA”.

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