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Newsletter November 2012

Calling All CAIB’s

The most common recurring enquiry that we have received over the past few months is this: How can I complete my CAIB (SA)? We realise that many of our members (past and present) have incomplete CAIBs and have been frustrated in their attempts to complete their qualifications in order to obtain a CAIB designation. The IOB is in the process of resolving this matter. We are confident that we will have a solution for all IOB members resident in South Africa early in the new year (February / March 2013).

We attach a diagram that was presented to the members that attended the AGM on 24 October 2012 to illustrate the IOB’s intended approach with regard to designations. We are in the process of fine tuning the approach to ensure we comply with SAQA and FSB provisions and the banking industry’s requirements. The designation names may also still change (the Chartered Banker designation is for example “owned” by the Scotland Institute of Bankers and we are in discussion with the IOB in Scotland on the role out of this designation / qualification). What is, however, important is that we will have a specific learning pathway in place early in 2013 and a number of designations that our members can be proud of – designations that will not only confirm the professional status of our members at different levels but also contribute towards reaffirming the public’s confidence and trust in their bankers. At the IOB we foresee a time in the near future (and we are working towards this goal) when members of the public will prefer to deal with bankers with an IOB designation.

We would appreciate it if those of you with incomplete qualifications and who are interested in obtaining a CAIB designation could contact us. Please furnish us with the following details (forward to or


Contact details

Subjects / courses completed

Date obtained

NQF Level

Training provider

With the information provided we will be able to finalise a RPL policy in terms whereof recognition can be given for courses / subjects / credits already obtained and to determine what modules you will still have to do in order to obtain the prerequisite credits / qualifications for a CAIB designation. Please note, however, that this approach is only open to paid up members of the IOB.

The IOB as a Professional Body

The IOB will submit its application (and all supporting documentation) to be accredited as the Professional Body for the banking sector of South Africa with SAQA before the end of November 2012. We have already met with SAQA and had discussions with both the FSB and BankSeta in this regard. They have all indicated that they support and endorse our application.

Not only will this enable the IOB to play an instrumental role in the curriculation of banking courses and qualifications to ensure that such qualifications adhere to industry needs, it will also make the IOB designations more valuable and sought after. Karin Hobbs from BankSeta will be joining the IOB’s Academic Committee to ensure that the highest standards are maintained and foster closer co-operation between the IOB and BankSeta. We will also be meeting with the FSB on at least a quarterly basis to ensure the IOB remains in the loop of developments. We will keep you informed.

The IOB & Continuous Professional Development (CPD)
Although the IOB (once accredited as a Professional Body) will not be able to operate as a training provider, we intend to focus on CPD activities and have already had discussions with the FSB in this regard. The intention is that the IOB will assume responsibility for CPD activities within the banking industry to ensure that all training providers offering CPD activities and events as well as the content of what they offer will comply with the relevant FSB requirements.

It is evident that there is progress at the IOB. The board (re-elected at the AGM in October) wishes to confirm that we are committed to not only converting the IOB into the Professional Body for the banking industry but also to ensure the IOB remains an organisation aimed at promoting the interests of our members: the bankers of South Africa and Africa. We also intend to ensure that our designations reflect the status of our members and contribute towards ensuring that the general public maintain faith and confidence in the banking industry. By focusing on CPD activities we will also ensure that our members remain informed and ahead of developments in the banking world. We know that the benefits associated with being a member of the IOB in SA will become more evident as we achieve these objectives.

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