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“WHAT DOES BITCOIN AND BLOCKCHAIN MEAN FOR BANKING” Bitcoin, blockchain ICOs and cryptocurrencies have been the buzzwords for the last year. But what do these words actually mean? Is Bitcoin a bubble? Are cryptos just a scam? Is blockchain the future of banking? Is the ICO hype over? And is any of this regulated? This…

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Impact of the new Fit and Proper Amendments on FAIS representatives

Board Notice 194 0f 2017, published by the Financial Services Board, now called the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA). introduced the long awaited new Fit and Proper Requirements for Financial Services Providers, Key Individuals and Representatives. All the changes start taking effect from 1 April 2018. What are the new requirements? Current and prospective representatives…

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IOBSA Reregistration as a Professional Body

At a SAQA function in March the CEO of the Institute was presented with the new registration certificate for the Institute as the Professional Body. Ms Hodges receiving the registration certificate from Mr Joe Samuels, CEO of SAQA and Dr Julia Reddy

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