Countering South Africa’s FATF Greylisting

How can South Africa handle its FATF Greylisting?

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In a recent BizNews article, Paul Hoffman SC, director of Accountability Now, offers his take on how South Africa can handle being placed on the Financial Action Task Force’s (FATF) Grey List.

Here is a short introduction from his article:

The Financial Action Task Force, FATF, which is mainly concerned with keeping a beady eye on the levels of money laundering, terrorism financing and serious corruption in the 200 countries and jurisdictions which it monitors, has, on 24 February 2023, placed South Africa and Nigeria on its “greylist” while at the same time removing Morocco and Cambodia from that list. There are currently 23 countries on the grey list. They are not the sort of countries with which any self-respecting constitutional democracy under the rule of law would aspire to be categorised.

Paul Hoffman SC

To read the full article, visit, ‘Paul Hoffman: Suggestions to counter SA’s FATF greylisting‘.

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