Looming Recession but it is Not the End of the World

In a recent article on BizNews, Brenthurst Wealth's Renee Eagar, discusses the US recession fears and how it may not be all doom and gloom for investors.

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There may be a US recession on the horizon and naturally there will be a knock-on effect across the world, but how will it impact South Africa and should investors be worried?

Brenthurst Wealth’s Renee Eagar discusses this issue and shares her views on what we could expect.

Fin out more about what a recession actually is and how a new recession would be different from the 2008/9 recession.

A technical recession in the investment world follows the model used by the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER). This gauge measures five key economic indicators in its analysis of the economy. These are Negative Real GDP, Industrial Production, Payroll Employment, Inflation-Adjusted Personal Income and Health of Sales and Manufacturing Sectors.

Renee Eagar

To read the full article visit: BizNews, ‘Recession, not Armageddon’.

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