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Professional Body

The IOB is in the process of registering as the Professional Body for the SA Banking sector

As the Professional Body of the SA Banking sector, the IOB will play a significant role in the circulation of

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The IOB is in the process of finalising its qualification based designations

The IOB’s qualification based designations follows a very specific learning path and recognises members

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Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

The IOB will play a significant role in CPD programs in the future

The IOB, working closely with the FSB, will ensure the quality of CPD programs by monitoring CPD providers

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National Learner Register Database(NLRB)

The Institute is currently dealing with SAQA on the important registration of qualifications on the NLRD. This matter was not followed through to completion by the previous management of the IOBSA but is now receiving urgent attention. Members will be kept apprised of developments.