Programme 1: Banking Standard

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Positioning of a Banking Standard applying to South Africa and Beyond

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  • The IOBSA is an anomaly in that it is the only Institute that does not offer qualifications since the key focus is on professional designations.
  • Undertake research to ascertain what SA banks would consider to be Banking Standards in SA, these standards would need to be aligned to the current designations approved by SAQA for the IOBSA.
  • Such research should also cover the establishment of board examinations aligned to the designations and the appetite for this in the SA Banking industry. Research to include the following skills priority areas as identified and confirmed by the Banking Sector Education and Training Authority in the Sector Skills Plan:
    • Technology, Digitization, Innovation
    • Compliance and Risk Management
    • Leadership/Management
    • Markets, Products. Services
    • Customer Centricity
    • Underpinned by:
      • Artificial Intelligence
      • Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance
      • Advancing into Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR)


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