Programme 2: Memberships

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The Revamping and Expansion of our Memberships and the Value Propositions

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  • Enhancing the value to our existing memberships
  • Creating further value in our memberships to create the ability to retain members.
  • Professional Benefits – FSCA Newsletter, IOB Newsletter, Access to Exclusive Events & Networking + Electronic Subscription to News24 (embedded)
  • Career Growth Benefits – CV Drafting Services & IOB Digital Seal – to place on your CV, Social Media or Website – “Show that you are recognized by the IOBSA“
  • Reskilling of people who have been re-trenched and need to re-enter the workplace. “We get you to the Door” Programme.
  • Lifestyle Benefits – Discounted Vehicle Finance Offers and/or Home Loans discount plus Uber discounts – Car Rental and Accommodation – Streaming Services – Netflix/Showmax
  • Membership Platform to be enhanced based on further development along with the creation of an App for our existing members and new members.


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