Will the JSE keep outperforming Wall Street?

Piet Viljoen talks to Alec Hogg of BizNews.com about why he feels the JSE will outperform Wall Street for the foreseeable future.

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Piet Viljoen, portfolio manager at Counterpoint Value Fund and Sa’s top money manager spoke to BizNews’ Alec Hogg recently to unpack why he believes the JSE-listed shares will continue to perform strongly compared to Wall Street.

I’ll have some more twigs to share. Not a whole bundle. The whole bundle is a portfolio that spans, but this has some more twigs to share.  It’s still there. I haven’t sold it yet. I actually haven’t been buying any of it either, but I still think it’s undervalued. And in a portfolio context, I think it still makes the most sense. So I still own it and we’ll see what happens going forward.

Piet Viljoen

Listen to the full interview on BizNews Radio or read the full article: “SA’s top money manager Piet Viljoen explains why JSE will keep outperforming Wall Street”.

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