Finding the Right Job

If you've decided it's time to move on, consider what you really want from your next role.

Here are a few things to consider.

Self-evaluation : Self-evaluation is important yet often disregarded when looking for work. Take some time to reflect on what you’ve learned at your previous employment, your skills and shortcomings, and what areas you need to improve.

Research : Talk to recruitment consultants about the present market, which sectors are hiring, and how long the recruitment process is taking. Request any market updates and salary information and sign up for job notifications that match your preferred position parameters.

Choosing a consultancy to register with : Look for a well-established, expert consultant with a strong name in the marketplace. Although it is generally good to register with many agencies, it is crucial not to register with more than two or three to avoid having your CV sent to the same company.

Networking : Being well-networked not only allows you to get into the ‘secret’ job market, but also gives you a significant advantage over other candidates. Your network should include everyone who can help you with a job search or a career transition.

Read up on your sector : Whatever area you operate in, it is vital to grasp the challenges facing your profession or industrial sector, and in-depth knowledge will put you ahead of your competition. You can also learn important information about who is changing positions to help you focus your employment hunt.

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