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The IOBSA believes that at the core of its membership is the belonging to and being part of an organisation, where members can gain value and obtain benefits professionally and individually. The Institute of Bankers in South Africa provides members with professional designations,networking, educational, training and information opportunities.

The Institute ensures it delivers a service to its members that is relevant to today’s professional arena. The IOBSA aims to support members in achieving their professional goals and to provide an avenue for members to be connected, informed and qualified.

Why be a member?

  1. Membership to the Banking and related Financial Service Sector’s specialist Professional Body, for bankers and financial services specialists.
  2. Membership demonstrates that you meet professional standards of excellence respected all over the world.
  3. It confers Professional status through registered designations from NQF level 5 to NQF level 8.
  4. You can attend a wide selection of seminars, conferences and other events at a discounted members’ rate. The events help you increase your business and financial services knowledge, offer networking opportunities and add to your Continuing Professional Development (CPD).
  5. Continuing Professional Development:  taking part in the IOBSA CPD scheme will demonstrates that you are managing your ongoing professional development.
  6. Our website will offer members’ only areas to assist with (CPD) compliance which at the same time will be informative and value add.
  7.  Exposure and promotion of members to the broader Banking and related Financial Service Sector’s through the IOBSA owned media vehicles.

Why members need to stay informed?

  • The environment in which financial organisations operate is constantly changing.
  • Continual regulation changes make strenuous demands on time and resources.
  • Highly astute customers demand better service and increase competition.
  • New distribution channels are changing the way services and products are disseminated.
  • New entrants into the market – both on and offshore – are challenging market share.
  • Niche market opportunities are emerging.
  • To understand changes in technology.
  • To better service existing customers in order to retain and understand their business.
  • To retain intellectual property.
  • To enable improvement of skills.

Membership and Designation Categories

The Institute has six (6) membership categories and five (5) registered professional designations in its capacity as Professional Body.

The membership categories are aligned to designations with the one exception to a membership status:

  • Member without a designation  “Non-desginated”
  • Licentiate of the Institute of Bankers in South Africa (LIBSA)
  • Certified Associate of the Institute of Bankers in South Africa (CAIB(SA))
  • Associate of the Institute of Bankers in South Africa (AIBSA)
  • Professional Banker of the Institute of Bankers in South Africa (PBSA)
  • Fellow of the Institute of Bankers in South Africa (FIBSA)

Membership Requirements and Fees:

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