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Requirements from Applicants wishing to obtain a Critical Skills visa letter and Permanent Residence letter

It has been recognised by the South African government that there are certain categories of skills which are in short supply in South Africa. To remedy this partly The Department of Home Affairs in South Africa issued a list of skill areas and sub categories which relate to these skill shortages.

This route to obtaining the necessary work permit or visa for South Africa is restricted to these categories. People who wish to apply to work in South Africa but who do not fall into these specific categories need to apply through the regular channels.

The Institute as the Professional Body, has undertaken to provide letters in support of these applications, as per the Act. It must be noted that the Institute will only issue letters where applicants meet the skills and academic requirements. Where applicants have never worked in the financial services sector or where their experience is completely unrelated the Institute will not be able to assist with a letter.

Critical skills relates to both an academic and an experience base. The letters will generally not be provided to applicants who have just completed their university study and now wish to seek employment in South Africa. The Institute will only consider such an application if the applicant has already secured a position in South Africa.

Obtaining a letter consists of 2 stages.
Please see the attached document for the information regarding the stages

The initial enquiry and supporting documentation is to be emailed to: Martie

The admin fee for the letter is currently R3420 incl VAT.


Application Form Download:



The Institute of Bankers in South Africa issues the Critical Skills Letters only for certain categories but it cannot guarantee that the applicant will be provided with the visa on the basis of the letter provided by the Institute. It has no influence over the decisions of the Department of Home Affairs. There is no refund payable by the Institute in the event of an unsuccessful application.

19 February 2018

Mrs Jalda Hodges