IOBSA Journey – Newsletter 12 December 2022

We are now racing towards the end of 2022 and looking back, are satisfied with

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We are now racing towards the end of 2022 and looking back, are satisfied with our achievements this year. 2023 will bring fresh challenges which we look forward to!

Our financial situation has stabilised nicely with Membership income, CPD, Critical Skills and NCA Income lines all well over budget. Membership numbers grew 330% year on year and we will continue to find ways to add value to members.

  • Our CPD platform is doing extremely well with some 167 courses and 12 service providers. In 2023 we will launch free CPD courses for our members including one or more from the FSCA.
  • We ran two successful webinars in 2022 (May and September) and then sourced a further 3 (2 from Chartered Banker UK and 1 from the SARB) for members interest. All are available on our website for those who missed them: Webinars Archives – Institute of Bankers South Africa (
  • Our digitisation journey took a large step forward with the launch of our new Membership Portal in late November which allows members to set up their own profiles, amend details as required and also to pay on line. We will build on this in 2023 with various add ons to enhance ease of access.
  • We have expanded our Collaboration approaches and have recently met with the IOB Ireland, Mauritius and are meeting with Ghana this week. This will keep our members up to date with global perspectives which is critical in the banking industry.
  • Our Mentorship Scheme launched in September 2022 and we encourage all members to set up a Mentor or Mentee profile to learn from others within our membership base.
  • Our Stakeholder event in October 2022 went very well with the honourable Mr Kuben Naidoo, Deputy Governor of SARB being the keynote speaker. We intend to run this event and a Membership event (face to face) annually going forward.
  • Both Regent Business School and Chartall Business Colleges will be advertising our offering on their websites to students studying commerce/banking.
  • For those who have friends or relatives wishing to work in South Africa, we do issue Critical Skills letters as part of the application to Home Affairs : Critical Skills – Institute of Bankers South Africa (

In 2023 our focus will be on more value adds for members, to set up a Youth and Women’s forum and to commence research on a Banking Standard and board exams for the Banking industry.

It is interesting to note that Government has a drive to have all of their employees join a Professional Body (related to their job roles) in order to professionalise their workspaces. We have met with the SA Local Government Association and have more meetings scheduled to discuss this further.

Growing our Membership Base is our main focus and we appeal to members to talk to colleagues and encourage them to join. Membership discounts are now available to those who introduce 5 or more new members – please contact Juan or Dani for a discount code before you pay on the new portal. We seek to drive pride and professionalism in our industry as well as pride in belonging to the only SAQA recognised Professional Body in the Banking industry.

Going forward, we will publish our regular newsletters on our website: News Archives – Institute of Bankers South Africa (

Please feel free to send us any suggestions as to what you would like to see in 2023 as well as ideas you may have to appeal to the younger generation of bankers.

I thank you for your ongoing support, it is truly appreciated. I also would like to wish each and every one a safe and relaxing festive season.


Sharron Veldsman – CEBP(SA)

Chief Executive Officer

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