IOBSA Journey – Newsletter 4 July 2022

The first half of the year has gone by in a flash, so much has been done and so much still to do!

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The first half of the year has gone by in a flash, so much has been done and so much still to do!

For those who attended our AGM on 30 June, you would have seen much of what we have been busy with but just to summarise:

Our financial situation is looking much healthier with substantial cost reduction and an operating surplus for the first time in 5 years. We continue to aim to increase memberships given that these comprise some 45% of our income. CPD, Critical Skills and NCA make up 53% of our income and all continue to perform well in 2022.

Our CPD and Advocacy programmes launched successfully early this year. We now have 255 courses via 14 Service Providers available to members to further their Professional Development.

Our first webinar of the year took place in May this year and the next webinar is scheduled for August 2022. This series looks at the evolution of skills required and the ways of work post covid. The first webinar was positively received.

Our digitisation journey continues and I am sure many of you have noticed the improvements to our website, the regular articles posted and the careers section for any vacancies we may post.

Operationally we are in a much better space with structured tracking, Job Descriptions, and Scorecards in place.

We continue to represent on various committees i.e. Saqa, Bankseta, QCTO and many others, this ensures that our members and the industries interests are always carefully considered.

How you can help the IOBSA:

Membership Growth

Historically, the second half of the year demonstrates a drop in membership income and we would really appreciate your assistance here with recruiting colleagues to join us. New members only pay 50% of the membership fee if they join from July onwards.

Please direct colleagues using the following links:


We are always looking to feature interesting articles on our website so if you wish to refer us to your media departments or in fact if you wish to write an article for publishing, feel free to contact me directly.

Donor Funding

Given that we are a non-profit company, donor funding takes a lot of pressure off our bottom line. We are particularly seeking funding for our webinars (one or the series) and also for research into competency assessments and certifications. If you can refer us to the person or department in your organisation that handles this, we would be extremely grateful.

Going forward

For the second half of 2022, our focus will be on launching a mentorship scheme, continuing our webinar series, collaborating globally and continuing to approach banks for bulk memberships. We are expecting a SAQA audit late 2022 and sincerely hope that our efforts thus far will be recognised.

We thank you for your ongoing support and aim to continue to add value to our members by constantly expanding our offering.

Suggestions from our valued members are always welcome!


Sharron Veldsman AIB(SA)

Chief Executive Officer

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