Milpark Education: What are the current issues facing fiduciaries?

Learn more about the challenges currently faced by fiduciaries.

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If you are a fiduciary and wish to have greater insights into some of the challenges currently facing fiduciaries then today’s article highlight may be of interest to you.

Brunhilde Gerber, Milpark Education’s Head of Department: Financial Planning & Insurance, writes:

A fiduciary is a person or organisation that is legally and ethically bound to act in the interests, and on behalf of, another person or persons. They have a duty to preserve good faith, to cultivate trust and to avoid conflict of interests. The term ‘fiduciary’, therefore, includes but is not limited to, financial advisers, executors, trustees, corporate board members, shareholders, guardians, curators, lawyers, and insurers and investment companies.

The issues facing fiduciaries could, therefore, be considered a point of perception. Each person in a fiduciary role will experience a different set of challenges that are specific to their circumstances.

~ Brunhilde Gerber ~

Fiduciary issues discussed include:

  • The drafting of wills
  • Recent legal developments
  • Family impatience and ignorance

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Milpark Education: What are the current issues facing fiduciaries?

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