Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA)

Learn more about the processing of personal information under POPIA.

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Professional Body: IOBSA

CPD hour allocation: CPD Hours (online learning): 3.5 CPD hours   

CPD Accreditation Number: IOB122


Learners will gain knowledge and understanding of the following conditions under POPIA: 

  • Accountability
  • Processing Limitation
  • Purpose Specification
  • Further Processing Limitation
  • Information Quality
  • Openness
  • Security Safeguard
  • Data Subject Participation

At the end of this course, the learner will have core knowledge of the following sections: 

  1. Section 26 Prohibition on processing of special personal information

The processing of personal information concerning the religious or philosophical beliefs, race or ethnic origin, trade union membership, political persuasion, health or sex life or biometric information is prohibited. 

  1. Section 27 General authorisation concerning special personal information
  2. Section 28 Authorisation concerning data subject’s religious or philosophical beliefs
  3. Section 29 Authorisation concerning data subject’s race or ethnic origin
  4. Section 30 Authorisation concerning data subject’s trade union membership
  5. Section 31 Authorisation concerning data subject’s political persuasion
  6. Section 32 Authorisation concerning data subject’s health or sex life
  7. Section 33 Authorisation concerning data subject’s criminal behaviour or biometric information

Sections 27 to 33 deals with the prohibitions in section 26, that do not apply if: 

Sec 27 –  the processing is carried out with the consent of a data subject.

Sec 29 – the processing is carried out to identify data subjects and only when this is essential for that purpose.

Sec 30 – the data subject belongs or the trade union federation to which that trade union belongs.

Sec 32 – processed by medical professionals, healthcare institutions or facilities or social services, if such processing is necessary for the proper treatment and care of the data subject.

Sec 33 – the processing is carried out by bodies charged by law with applying criminal law or by responsible parties who have obtained that information in accordance with the law.

The two sections in POPIA dealing with the processing of personal information of children 

  1. Section 34 Prohibition on processing personal information of children

A responsible party may, subject to section 35, not process personal information concerning a child.

  1. Section 35 General authorisation concerning personal information of children

The prohibition on processing personal information of children, as referred to in section 34, does not apply if the processing is carried out with the prior consent of a competent person

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