Standard Bank’s Virtual Learning Experience for Local Youth

Standard Bank launches a free virtual learning experience for local youth in August.

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Standard Bank has launched a learning initiative aimed at upskilling SA’s youth. With youth unemployment rates at unprecedented level, the big-four bank hopes to empower youth with the skills they need in the digital age.

The modern world of work has a greater reliance on skills in software development, engineering and data science, which are among the courses to be offered. Other courses include retail and investment banking.

“Many young individuals take up opportunities without a clear understanding of the industry or what skills their jobs will require, and the Virtual Experience Programmes aim to bridge this gap between education and industry,”

Maymoona Ismail, head of youth development at Standard Bank SA

The bank’s Virtual Experience Programmes, offer self-paced learning covering a variety of relevant topics and enrollment is free.

To find out more about Standard Bank’s new learning programme read: “Standard Bank to upskill youth for future of work”.

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