Why Membership in a Professional Organisation is Important

There are thousands of professional organisations around the world. Indeed, most large industries have at

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There are thousands of professional organisations around the world. Indeed, most large industries have at least one membership organisation.

In South Africa, the Institute of Bankers is the only professional body in the banking industry.

It can be easy to dismiss the idea of joining a professional body. Our lives can be so busy sometimes that we feel we cannot take on my time commitments.

However, there are numerous benefits to joining a professional body and doing so does not necessarily need to take up vast amounts of your time.

Why Join a Professional Body like the IOBSA?

Each professional body or organisation has it’s own purposes aligned to their particular industry and the needs of their members.

Most if not all bodies aim to support and represent the interests of their members and offer a variety of value opportunities.

In the case of the IOBSA, our purpose and Vision is clear.

We aim to, “To build professional capital for the banking industry.

Our Vision, “To be an industry capacity builder, through certification and support of bankers. An integrator of professional ethics, conduct and a facilitator of Continuous Professional Development.

Each professional body has it’s own unique set of benefits and the IOBSA is no different. Here are just a few benefits of joining the IOBSA.

  1. Membership to the Banking and related Financial Service Sector’s Sole Professional Body and ethical bankers and financial services specialists and will include competency testing going forward.
  2. Membership demonstrates that you meet professional standards of excellence respected all over the world.
  3. It confers Professional status through registered designations from NQF level 5 to NQF level 8.
  4. You can attend a wide selection of seminars, conferences and other events at a discounted members’ rate. The events help you increase your business and financial services knowledge, offer networking opportunities and add to your Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

To view all the benefits of becoming an Institute of Bankers Member, please visit this link: Member Benefits

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