Why there is a need for Career Guidance

Why career guidance is needed.

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Choosing a career is no small thing. Especially considering that the majority of people are unsatisfied with their jobs. According to one study, up to 85% of people are unhappy in their choice of careers.

Many matriculants and school leavers have no real sense of direction or idea about what they want to pursue, career wise. Naturally this does not make finding employment easy when you don’t even know what direction to study in.

The below News24 article highlights the need for career guidance.

“Not only does a lack of career advice result in higher levels of school dropouts, failure rates, and a lack of interest, but it often leaves the youth choosing career paths that they believe will make them more money or will need the least amount of effort to pursue.”


To read the full article please visit, ‘Young and uninformed’: Why South Africa’s youth desperately needs career guidance‘.

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