Women’s Financial Needs are Unique

As more woman are becoming economically active, their investment needs are coming to the fore.

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A recent article discusses the financial and investment needs of women.

While there is still a remuneration gap between men and women, more women are becoming economically active and in South Africa women fill 44% of skilled posts including professional and managerial positions.

As such tailored investment advice is becoming increasingly sought after and needed.

“Although there are still some women who prefer to leave household financial and investment decisions to a partner or spouse, we have seen some change in recent years.

Statistically, women are more likely to live longer than their male counterparts, which means they need to understand their finances and equip themselves to plan for, and in later years manage their own retirement.”

Leslie Greyling – Brenthurst Wealth

To read the full article visit BizNews, ‘Women’s financial needs are unique and require a different approach’.

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