New Digital Banking Solutions from FNB

FNB rolls out a host of new digital banking solutions.

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On the 7th of October 2022, FNB held an event to not only unveil its rebrand but also to announce a host of new digital banking solutions.

FNB’s banking app will feature new cyber-security features as well as a number of new contactless digital payment features.

Fifteen years from now, FNB will be 200 years old. We’d like to believe, when we look back at the launch of our Reimagining Help campaign, that we as a bank grew, that this was a pivotal moment in history.”

Jacques Cilliers – FNB chief executive officer

Here are just some of the new payment features from FNB:

  • Instant Payments: Allows customers to pay anyone by using the FNB app and just a card number. The money is instantly available to the recipient, regardless of where they bank.
  • PayMe: Customers will be able to request a payment digitally to any FNB-banked cellphone number.
  • ChatPay: Customers can pay or request payment from any FNB customer using the app’s chat functionality without needing the account number.

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