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Siboniso Thwala – IOBSA Member Focus

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Siboniso Thwala is a valued member of the IOBSA. He shares some of his insights and experiences in this week’s article. Click the link below to read it.

“Experience & Life Events”

About Siboniso Thwala


Siboniso Thwala - IOBSA Member Focus


He’s writing is so far is focused on business management, entrepreneurship solutions and financial literacy and it’s inspired by the idea of living a legacy behind.

Quotes about writing

The best way to avoid making mistakes is to learn from the past, for the best way to live in the present time with peace is to have the knowledge of how and while living in the present and preparing for the future one must be opened to learn new things from other

Siboniso Thwala


Automotive Excellence – Exploring the intuitive art of business repetitive excellence
Published in the year 2016.
It’s a book dedicated to those interested in business management, entrepreneurship and those who want to improve in sales.

2020 Hangover – Financial Remedy By a Banking Analyst
Financial Literacy self-help book. Published in the year 2020 .

His daily motivation for thriving in the Finance, Analytics and Banking career.

Each day is a brand new day with a brand new opportunity to improve customers experience, banking solutions and the business of banking and finance as whole. I’m still chasing that day which brings the opportunity where I innovate and be quoted in the industry as that man who brought the most profits to the industry but also at the same time be quoted as a man who brought the most comfortable financial journey for the bank customers.


He has been interested in the business world even as a teenager, as mentioned in his book “AUTOMOTIVE EXCELLENCE”, since the high school days where he started as a street vendor and selling goods in the trains and soccer stadiums.

Community Development

He has initiated various community development projects in the past more especially after his first publication as he has always been inspired by sharing knowledge and the idea of leaving a legacy behind. He then stared started KSE (Knowledge Sharing Enterprise).

In 2017, he tried to convince some people to form a partnership with
him for this initiative, however he ended up continuing this journey with Sihle Picasso a private chef, who had a slot at Kasi FM about food lessons and culinary arts. The MFBL (Mobile Food Business Lessons) which educated people on how to start and grow mobile food business was his initiative as quoted in the Daily Sun News paper. Later on he also joined forces with Sebenzile a radio station manager at Rainbow FM, to do more community work where he began to do public speaking by engaging with young school young kids at Soweto.

Besides the MFBL between 2017 and 2018 he has also done various public talk sessions where some were sponsored by the department of education, some for financial literacy and some based on his book Automotive Excellence.

Thank you Siboniso for your contribution. You are an inspiration!

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